Dog Ramp's

Dog Couch or Bed Ramp

This is the ramp that started it all. We have been making this 40 Inch ramp for years and it has been used in many different locations within the house or even loading dogs into the vehicles. It's 40 Inches long and is adjustable from 14" to 24" and is made to withstand up too 240LBS

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Dog Bed Ramp

This 65" Long Ramp was deisgned specifically for the bed. It is adjustable from 14" to 37" and comes with universal side rails so it can go on either side of your bed. The ramp also has three stablity bars that makes the ramp stay solid so your dogs can come and go as they please.

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What People Are Saying About Our Ramps

Older dachshund approved!

"Great product, our older dachshund was able to move up, slowly in his case, and never slipped or tipped. Very happy with the quality."

Matt B.

Surprisingly Sturdy!

"Love that this is adjustable. Love that it is sturdy and wide enough that I don't worry about my dogs falling off. Light enough to carry from room to room, if needed."

Eliza G.

Great Company

"Ramp is built very well. Had a question with item and was really impressed with the customer service."

Yvonne B.

Very strong & safe!

"This ramp holds my weight. (I am a 5’6 120lb woman) It was simple to train my dogs to go up and down. They are still young puppies (chihuahuas). The carpet has lots of texture as to make it easier for puppies to grip when walking up and down. 10/10"

Amanda B.

Easy to use

"Very well made and study. Our bichon runs up to get on the couch. Our Golden who weighs 78 pounds doesn’t need it but still runs up it for fun - as do our grandsons. Very functional and easy to open for set-up."

Kelly G.

Worth every penny

"This is a wonderful, sturdy, well made ramp. It’s only been a few days and one of my dogs is still getting used to it but the other dog took to it within a few hours. The carpet and ridges on the platform provides excellent traction too. So glad I bought this."

Larry M.

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